Wednesday 15 April 2009

Richard Ashcroft on The Stone Roses

In this week's NME,
'Why I Love The Stone Roses' by Richard Ashcroft, The Verve (as it reads in the article).

"The Stone Roses blew me away, right from the very beginning. People used to hand around bootleg tapes of Roses gigs in Manchester even before the first record came out - so when it did, everyone already knew the words. Not many bands these days have that sort of enigma to them.

Lyrically, they were striving for something so much bigger than guitar music was at the time. It was strange; there were a few girls at the front and the rest were lads, very hard, aggressive lads. This whole contradiction gave me insipration. I tapped into that aswell. When I go to a football game and a guy with one tooth and tattoos all over his arms stops me and says my songs changed his life, you realise the potency of this music. The Roses did that to people too

In another section, Kevin Cummins (photographer of the iconic image featured on the NME cover of the Nov 18th, 1989 issue where the Roses are covered in paint), mentions that "Liam Gallagher and Richard Ashcroft have said it was the greatest NME cover of all time. Richard Ashcroft said it defined his generation."

Sunday 12 April 2009

McCabe On Future Projects

Though perhaps not a permanent move, Nick McCabe has announced he is working on a new project. After months of silence, we finally have confirmation that Verve are currently inactive and "on holiday." Meanwhile, Richard Ashcroft is contractually obligated to one more studio album, so we can assume that he'll be busy with that until further notice. Here is McCabe's message:

"Back from the dead. What a strange couple of years.


The Verve seems to be on holiday, and shows no sign of not being on holiday- so, I've been hesitant to breach Official Secrets style policy with any missives from the, well, from any front, basically. Don't ask me anything about the big V, just let me enjoy my non-alcoholic Piña Colada and tell you about what's going on elsewhere.

Thumb twiddling was never our forté so Si Jones and I have been busy with a new project. Currently this includes the brilliant violinist, Davide Rossi, who you may have had the pleasure of seeing with the Verve at various festivals last year. Also with us, an old friend, multi instrumentalist Michelle Schillace on drums and whatever he fancies playing that particular day.

The project is shaping up nicely. Expect krautrock style excursions into the unknown and maybe, just maybe, the killer pop record we're toying with making. Two sessions took place so far, Best Kept Secret studios in Copenhagen last year, and this year, my place in Walworth. There is a huge amount of material being generated and we have several interesting vocalists in mind. Clips to follow.

Also up and running as hinted above is my humble tracking studio in South London. Current clients are willing Guinea Pigs while I am learning the craft. The Albini model is a good one, the days of the super studio are gone thank god but bands still need a place to track and I've put a place together which is already serving this function.

Recently we have had Jamie and Alex from Bath's X is Loaded, along with Charley Bickers, another Bath veteran (ha ha, sorry mate) and myself (just veteran, heh) playing together for the first time, again at my place in Walworth. An incredibly productive two days, very promising and Charley is in fine voice currently.

Also played with Damo Suzuki, Jeff Wooton and Mark Heaney at Night and Day Cafe, Manchester. Will be working more with both Jeff and Mark in the near future.

Pictures and sound to follow.

Will try and wade through some of the missed emails in the absence but Verve radio silence has infected my very being (ha ha ha). Do my best though."