Wednesday 28 November 2007

Verve Re-Release Best Of

The Verve are planning to re-release their best of album with a bonus DVD.

This Is Music: The Singles 92-98 was originally released in 2004, but will now feature an extra disc of promotional videos.

The album features unreleased tracks 'This Could Be My Moment' and 'Monte Carlo', along with hits 'Lucky Man', 'The Drugs Don't Work' and 'Bitter Sweet Symphony'.

The band, who have just finished a small venue reunion tour, are currently preparing for a series UK arena gigs this December.

The re-issued best of is released on December 3.

Saturday 3 November 2007

Verve Return With Barnstorming Show

The Verve played their first show as an original four-piece in almost a decade tonight (November 2) with a much anticipated reunion gig in Glasgow.

During a 90 minute performance, the band, who reunited in June, stormed through a 17 song set that included favourites such as 'Bittersweet Sympathy' and 'The Drugs Don't Work'. However there were some boos at the end of the Carling Academy show when, after a three song encore, fan favourite 'History' wasn't dusted down.

There were no support acts tonight. Instead DJs played ahead of the hugely in-demand show - tickets were trading on eBay for £250 a pair.

The band took to the stage to the strains of 60's maverick David Axelrod's 'Holy Are You' (a track that frontman Richard Ashcroft re-recorded with the composer) alongside a screen flashing images that included Lou Reed, Bob Dylan and comedy character Reginald Perrin.

The show started with a classic Verve moment.

As the band strode on the shamanic Ashcroft moved to the mic and announced "this is music" to cacophonous yelps - introducing their classic track of the same name.

It was a night that saw little said from the stage. At one point Ashcroft announced simply that it was great to be back in Glasgow after nine years, though physically The Verve looked to have changed little. Any thoughts that animosity lingered between Ashcroft and his foil Nick McCabe were extinguished early on when, in a simple gesture, the frontman acknowledged his guitarist during a solo on the first track.

The band also unveiled one new song. Seven tracks into the gig Ashcroft announced "we're going to try something new here" and, apologising for reading from a sheet of paper.

He and the band worked through an untitled track that was distinguished mostly by a rumbling bass. The song owed more to Gorillaz and The Stone Roses second album than The Verve's back catalogue. Lyrics included: "I should have warned her/I'd fall to pieces".

The Verve finished their set with a massive 'Bittersweet Symphony' before returning for a three track encore. They play the same venue tomorrow (November 3).

The set-list in full was:

This Is Music
All In The Mind
Weeping Willow
Life's An Ocean
Space And Time
Sit And Wonder
Velvet Morning
Already There
Let The Damage Begin
Northern Soul
Drugs Don't Work
Rolling People
Man Called Sun
Lucky Man
Come On

Friday 2 November 2007

The Verve On Tour With Comeback

The Verve return to the stage tonight for the first time in a decade.

Wigan's greatest ever band surprised even their most staunch fan by reforming at the end of June.
And at around 9pm this evening, singer Richard Ashcroft, bassist Simon Jones, drummer Pete Salisbury and guitarist Nick McCabe will grace the stage at Glasgow's Academy, and excited fans say they just can't wait to see their heroes together at last.
Bass player Simon said the band was preparing a set full of new stuff, as well as old, old favourites.

He said: "We started rehearsing with Life's An Ocean and I've got to say, it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. We've got a shortlist of 20 tunes to pick from for these first gigs."
And the list is sure to set the mouths of the staunchest Verve-lovers watering. Simon said the tunes included songs from first album A Storm in Heaven, such as Gravity Grave, She's A Superstar and All In The Mind.

He also revealed some of The Verve's new song titles; Sit And Wonder, Appalachian Springs, Judas, Mona Lisa and Rather Be, and hinted the band may well be playing them live. A new album is expected in January.
The Verve formed in 1989 at Winstanley College. The

first album – 1991's A Storm in Heaven – was a huge underground hit. Songs such as Blue and Slide Away reached the top of the indie charts. The follow up, A Northern Soul in 1995, is now regarded as The Verve's finest work, with such tunes as On Your Own, History and the title track remaining firm favourites among fans.